What I’m Programming – Throwback Thursdays (January)

So I thought I’d start some ongoing lists and descriptions of the crazy stuff I’m able to program since it’s been so fun to put together.  I’m starting it off with Throwback Thursdays, an idea I had to mix retro stuff (Technology! Games! Crafts!) with modern twists or counterparts.  They take place (of course) on Thursday afternoons and last 1 hour each.

Last night @justinthelibrarian and I hosted our very first one and it was incredible fun.  We taught kids about how records work, how record players are different than turntables and then had kids choose records.  From those records we taught them how to record a clip, edit it, loop it, and mix it with other clips other kids wanted to use.  The result was total magic, listen to it here. I live tweeted it on my twitter account and plan to do so with all the others.  If you’re interested in that kind of thing you can check it out here.

Other upcoming TBT programs will be:

1/16 – Sweet Bracelets (Making Candy Wrapper Bracelets and Rainbow Bracelets)

1/23 – Gaming Gone Retro (Will you have more fun playing on one of DS systems or playing a board game as as group!?!?)

1/30 – Pixel Art (Let’s take giant post-it notes and decorate our windows in Pixel Art!

I’ll try to be good about posting photos of what we get up to and instructions.

Til Thursday, everyone!TBT Poster

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