OMG, There’s Gonna’ be a Book…

Today is such a mixed up kind of day. Recently I lost one of my favorite fathers from library world to a terrible motorcycle accident. Yesterday morning one of the kids (now 20) from my first library also passed away from a motorcycle accident. Geez…

There are some incredible things afoot in my world so I didn’t imagine writing this post would feel so bittersweet.

I’ve been waiting a really long time to announce that I’m writing a book with the amazing folks at ABC-CLIO Libraries Unlimited. I am STOKED. I am so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with such a great group of people on a topic that is my absolute favorite thing to talk about ever- Progressive Programming for Tweens and Teens. It’s going to cover a lot of what folks have a tendency to ask me about: Lego Club, my Teen Volunteer Program, the 3D’s of 3D Printing and a LOT more. I’m writing it from the perspective of a “non-librarian” and my goal is to create something accessible for stay-at-home moms, kick ass nannies, teachers, and anyone working with kids who wants to try something new that’s grounded in experience.

I’ve been helping my incredible coworkers present at a variety of conferences lately and barreling down the road to the various conferences I’ve had a lot of time to think. (Well, in between laughing at how hilarious they all are…) Some of these really sad things are coming on the heels of these other great things (like I’m getting married in two weeks!) and it mirrors perfectly what I’m trying so hard to achieve in work right now – balance. Balance between the warm body work and the brain work I do, between addressing the inappropriate behavior of kids and rewarding their great antics, and between following my own message of staying inspiredand getting shit done.




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