Camp EtsyNooga – The Why

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Okay, a little truthful background – I didn’t even really know what I was creating at first.

I knew I had the beginning of a good idea. I knew it would cover multiple kinds of education. I knew the Etsy name would raise the bar for both expectations of my content and the teen’s end results. I was just compelled to create and see what shape it would take on.

When I came to Chattanooga last fall I was given the green light to simply follow that course and discover what my fledgling Etsy program would become.

Through continuing design tweaks it became apparent that one off programs wouldn’t work. To effectively host a product photography workshop teens would already need to have their shops open. To offer a workshop on packaging they would need to have a clear understanding of both their brand and their intended customer base. It was obvious that the way to go was to run a camp on how to start a small business using solid building blocks- understanding what drives your creativity, defining a solid brand, honing in on the audience for your product, doing the hard work to understand how to price your items for both wholesale and retail, and SO much more.

I had a goal. I would create a camp to teach the basics of starting a business to teens. Then I would teach them how to open an Etsy shop! Ooh! AND I could give them a chance to sell their stuff! Like everything else I do I was already thinking BIG.

This story may sound familiar to you. Maybe you’ve wanted to teach small business classes to teens as the debate of “is college really worth the cost” swirls around us. Maybe you’ve wanted to take your craft program to the next level by teaching your talented teens how their skill actually carries a monetary value. Or, maybe you’re like me and both of those are true as well as your belief that the world would be a better place had we all been given the opportunity to let our creative growth flourish along with our academic growth.

Imagine a world where your lawyer is a macrame master on the side. Where you accountant is also an oil painter who appreciates landscapes. Where beauty and imagination are just as important as earnings and the bottom line.

I firmly believe that by encouraging this age group to take responsibility for their artistic growth during a time when society is telling them they can only be serious about academics, sports or earning money will result in a healthier future for us all.

This post marks the first in a series I’ll be doing about how to run your own version of Camp EtsyNooga. And just like the camp it starts by understanding why you want to do it. So re-read the reasons I just gave, sit down with a pad of paper and hot cup of whatever and mull it over, or talk to some of your trusted teens about what they think. Whatever you do to brainstorm start there and be honest with yourself. If there’s no passion behind a program like this it just won’t work.

Coming up next- The Who