Antiprogram Simplicity

Programming can be complicated these days. We all want to use flashy tech gadgets, the newest fad toys, and to loudly stomp our feet as we break new ground. 

Sometimes though a pure and uncomplicated mess is the most alluring program you can create. Like cooking all you need is simplicity and fresh ingredients. For this one I busted out a bunch of paint that wouldn’t stain clothes, a ton of paper in different colors and sizes and a few cups with water and brushes and let them go wild for a week. The art you see here is just  some of what they created that week. The numbers were great too, we had dozens and dozens of people participate!

I’ve been leaving a different mess out every week lately. We’ve done random piles of rainbow loom supplies, aqueducts made of straws & tape, and this painted sloppy mess. Coming up I’ve got knot tying, creating a giant game of Plinko, and more

School’s almost out. The energy is about to get high. Give yourself and your tweens a break and encourage a little messiness for a while (and have a great time making it with them!). 


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