I love my city. 

I was planning on talking about my last
week at grad school. But I can’t. 

Right now I’m waiting for a plane to take me back to Chattanooga. I’m watching the news and obsessively reading through Twitter to try and gain some understanding about what just happened in the city I love and have adopted as my home. 

I picked this city to raise my family in. I’ve had people try and talk me into leaving and I just won’t. There is something amazing happening here. It is the most optimistic place I’ve ever been. Since the minute I got there I’ve been met by a feeling of “of course we can change the world, we’re already doing it!” 

Mayor Andy Berke leads a storytime on the second floor

There is art everywhere. 


There are more trees here than I’ve ever seen in a city.  



We have a deep river that doesn’t divide our shores, but seems to enhance them.   


There’s so much more than this. I’m ready to try and help when I get home and I don’t know how much of that will be within the walls of the library I love our outside those walls. But being ready to help us what makes me from Chattanooga now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love my city. 

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