What I’m Telling Teens Who Are Politically Nervous.

Our new year is here and with it we will begin a new presidency. Some teens have asked me what they can do as they’re feeling powerless. My advice to them is simple and I will share it in case you have teens who are feeling the same way:

  1. Don’t stop paying attention. The elections are over and it’s now up to you to stay politically informed. Read all the true news you can and keep up to date on why things are making you feel the way you feel.
  2. Register to vote ASAP. If you really want to change the world it’s one of the only free ways to participate. Do it now before the rush of the next election season, before life gets busy.
  3. Vote in your local elections. Everyone focuses on the big political races but making a stand locally can have an impact from the bottom up. Read about your local politics and vote according to what you hold precious.
  4. You vote every day in your spending. Especially as teens you have a LOT more political power than you think and that’s because money rules this world. Are you vegetarian? An environmentalist? Religiously motivated? What companies deserve the support of your hard earned dollars? You may not be old enough to vote yet but your dollars have a daily impact on our world and you can improve the world with your dollars. Every time you spend, you vote.

This list has nothing to do with one party or another and is important for all teens looking to understand their role in politics. Be kind to one another this new year, folks!