Creating an Engaging Social Media Presence

Creating a social media presence isn’t hard but does take thought and personality.  Plenty of people hop on daily and post random drivel no one really cares about so how can you make your mark as a nonprofit worth listening to?

  • Having a sense of humor
    • It’s the internet!  That place is filled with cats and videos of people getting hurt, keep it light.  This shows people that even though you’ve got a serious mission you can poke fun at yourself and be human.
  • Timing
    • There’s a time and place for your message/need.  if you’ve garnered an audience with your relevant and witty posts they’ll listen when it’s time to talk turkey.
  • Being friendly
    • Tons of times people forget to use the SOCIAL side of this media, and to promote another great organizations!  Talk up a cute picture of some puppies, Share a relevant book recommendation under an event link, don’t just make it all about you.  No one likes talking to that guy.
  • Make it a Habit
    • Posting once a month or even once a week does not leave much of an impressions of people.  It should be at least daily and potentially a few times a day if your posts seem to be on a roll with receiving likes and being shared.

    Get visual

    • More and more our use of social media is headed toward funny memes, captivating images or those completely addictive gif lists.  Plug them into your message to stay relevant and to engage your audience’s minds in another format.

For more, check out my Prezi on the subject here.